Congratulations on taking the first step of changing your life.

Therapy is a journey of self-exploration and realization. We all have challenging life experiences which impact various aspects of our lives. Throughout your therapeutic journey, you will have the opportunity to better understand yourself on a deeper level, which will assist in creating lasting change.

Therapy is a collaborative experience where you and I will work together to develop treatment goals and effective methods for achieving these goals. Sometimes just having a safe place to process life’s challenges can be healing in and of itself. I understand that seeking help can feel quite scary, so I’m here to support you as you take steps towards living a fulfilled life!

What to expect in therapy.

When beginning therapy, you can expect to meet with me for the initial intake session where you will be given the opportunity to talk about the reasons you are looking for support.

After the intake, we will discuss appropriate recommendations based on your goals for therapy. Typically, I meet with my clients for 50 minute sessions as frequently as they feel is needed. I am also more than happy to assist with additional referrals that would be helpful in achieving treatment goals.

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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

–Sigmund Freud